Trotter 6 String Bass

The Trotter 6 String Bass is my own design I was looking to build a unique custom bass that kicks ass.

The Trotter Bass is a through neck bass with a zebra wood top, curly maple mid layer and an American walnut back. The neck is five piece hard maple and wenge with a pau ferro fretboard and a zebra wood top layer on the headstock. The neck has two carbon fiber stiffening rods and a double action truss rod. The frets are stainless steel and the nut is made of bone.

The Body’s top and back have been hand shaped and contoured for a great feel that’s super comfortable and hard to stop feeling. The back of the neck was custom shaped by hand, from the 12th fret it starts to get thicker at the top and tapers thinner at the bottom to enhance the hand position on the wider portion of the neck. The headstock has been contoured and shaped as well to create a visual flow and echo the body, the entire bass has an oil finish. The knobs are made of water buffalo horn and really go well with the hardware and wood.

This is a one of a kind bass that I’m very proud of, let’s customize one for you!

Electronics Details:

Nordstrand Big Single Six

The Big Single 6 is about huge, fat, full, loud, single coil tone. This is the ultimate Jazz Bass® – on – steroids tone built into the popular Bartolini P4®. The Big Single is essentially a massive single coil that produces a clean clear open and detailed muscular tone.

Control Configuration

  1. Volume
  2. Volume
  3. Mid
  4. Treble
  5. Bass
  6. Mid Freq. Switch
  7. Active/Passive Switch

The Aguilar OBP3 was built from the ground up to be the ultimate source of full-bodied tone, transparency, and versatility for your bass.

Three bands of boost/cut and a selectable midrange frequency provides flexibility to dial in just the right tone. The treble control delivers up to 16dB of boost/cut at 6.5Hz and captures the dynamic of a “Passive Tone Control” when rolled off. The powerful midrange control offers user selectable frequencies of 400 or 800Hz, each with a full 16dB boost/cut capability. The midrange retains constant bandwidth in any setting so there is no “muddy” frequency overlap. The bass control features a boost/cut of up to 18dB at 40Hz, adding Aguilar’s signature thickness to any instrument. The OBP-3 is unmatched in providing tonal flexibility while retaining the true character of any bass!

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