The Arrow Guitar came about as a desire to do something completely different than I (and possibly you) have seen before, so I headed out into the shop to start drawing and cutting leftover woods to construct this prototype guitar (alder and walnut for the body, tiger maple and walnut for the top, walnut and maple for the neck). So after a good bit of cutting, shaping and refining I came up with the body and neck. To echo the arrowhead shape I made arrowhead inlays from curly maple for the rosewood fret board. The body and headstock have been hand scalloped to resemble a real arrowhead. This unique J Willard Guitar will set you apart from the herd (or tribe as the case may be) you certainly will be the only one in your neighborhood to own one of these.

The Pickups are DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversaries, CTS 500k pots with Orange Drop tone caps, CRL 3 way switch and Switchcraft jack, two on/on switches for a series and parallel pickup configuration. The tuners are by Gotoh, the bridge and tail stop are Nashville Tune o Matic. The set neck has a two way truss rod adjustable at the headstock. The headstock sports a hand shaped string retainer bar made of wenge due to the radical angle of the high and low E strings from the nut to the tuners. The finish is nitrocellulose.

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